Craft a Tasteful Web Presence

I believe that your online presence should be like a carefully designed dish in which the combination of unique ingredients and their interaction creates a unique taste that represents your brand perfectly.


Hello. I’m Carla!

I cook up exquisite designs, websites, and marketing strategies that express your company’s culture and style. Implementing creative, measurable and innovative strategies to help you reach your goals.


Create an Unforgettable Experience

Branding and Development

Your image and message should be an experience that inspires your audience to want more. Let me assist you in creating a remarkable brand experience with a personal touch.

Adobe Creative Suite

Strategic Marketing

Whether you need a comprehensive marketing strategy, launching new product initiatives, or need help with a specific marketing campaign, I’m here to help.

Being Awesome
Content Marketing
Social Media Management

Let’s convert your brand into the digital age, implementing creative, measurable and innovative strategies.

What’s with the name?

Sofrito (Spanish pronunciation: soˈfɾito)

is the cooking base in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American cooking. Every country and culture has a version of Sofrito and typically consists of aromatic ingredients cut into small pieces and sautéed. Your online presence should be like a carefully designed dish and that starts with a solid base. We are living in a digital world, where the internet is always within arms reach. Your website is the first impression your audiences have and we are here to ensure they are left craving more. It is the combination of ingredients and their interaction that creates that unique taste that represents your brand perfectly.

What are you waiting for?

First impressions count!

Research shows there are only a few seconds to capture a user’s attention and convey your message. Each website we build is as unique as the clients we build it for. Make sure your website, ecommerce store, or blog is user friendly and engaging.


I’m not one to brag 🙂

  • Carla Valdes is thoughtful and direct in her communications, team oriented and caring in her leadership style, thorough and definitive in her execution, and incredibly talented creatively. I enjoyed working with Carla as a Partner at Fortify Ventures and would be honored to work with her again.

    Jonathon Perrelli Fortify Ventures
  • I had the privilege to work with Carla when TrendPo was in the Fortify Accelerator program (Spring '13). Not only is she intelligent and super hard-working, she also has a unique way of simplifying complex problems into easy to tackle solutions. It was a pleasure to work with and learn from her.

    JD Chang TrendPo
  • I think her greatest strengths that helped her work with my company are her meticulous organization skills, her aptitude for quickly adapting to changes, and ability to effectively manage and unite many stakeholders’ opinions. She went above and beyond, and I can’t thank her enough for a great experience.

    Lyon McCandless ADR Software
  • Wow? Carla is an out of the box thinker and doer. She knows how to do just about anything and can get it done. I really enjoyed her creativity on the computer and work with our website

    Kelly Campbell Campbell Wealth Management


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